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Ouverture 2500 - Starts on its own

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AlfJ posted on Sun, Mar 29 2020 9:23 PM

Recently purchased a used Overture 2500.
It works fine except tape recorder needs new drive belt, but that is a different story.

My probelem:
it has a starnge habit of switching on without anyone touching it. And nobody is touching the remote.
When I say switch on, I mean the lights go on, but no sound comes out of the speakers. Sometimes the CD starts spinning, but still no sound.
It can happen when I´m alone in the house, so no other remotes in use. Nearest neighbour is 20-30 meters away, so not their remotes?
It sits on the wall in the kitchen. Interference from some other electronics? Fridge/freezer?

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Bill Briscoe
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if you see a green light next to the red standby light (on the display) it indicates that a timer has been set. With the unit in Standby, press the mute button to cancel it and the green light should go off.

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AlfJ replied on Thu, Apr 9 2020 3:45 PM

Timer! You´re right. Mystery solved. Smile
Had to go into the menu and delete the timer settings one by one.

Thank you for the suggestion. I would never have figured out on my own. Didn´t even know there was a timer built in.

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