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Beomaster 1900 no sound on left channel.

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CurtRoth posted on Sun, Mar 29 2020 4:49 PM

Friends, I need your help..  ( Beomaster 1900 )


After repairing the slider potentiometers the right channel doesn’t work anymore, and after checking what’s wrong strangely enough the right started working again and left is dead...


When the print isn’t mounted in place it works, so left and right are okay, but when I screw it in place the channels is gone.. so I also made sure I haven’t made a short somewhere..


First I thought, I must have broken the potentiometer, but after testing the compleet tuner print in my other 1900 unit I found that it’s not the print and repaired sliders, because in the other unit it works just fine..


Than I thought, it must be the wire harness that has a flaw, so I took the unit apart and checked every wire to check if one of them is cut, but every wire checked out.


At the moment I’m kind of lost on what to check next..


To be clear, all capacitors have been replaced ( except for one, the kit was one short ) and the problem only occurred after fixing the sliders ( that checked out okey ) 


What to do, what to do...

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Dillen replied on Sun, Mar 29 2020 5:36 PM

The tonecontrol board has two connectors. one small and one large.

The large one has a lof of leads going to it. These leads can sometimes short to the solder joints etc. at the underside of the board when fitted back into the Beomaster.
It can also happen to the small connector, but it's more common to see the problem with the large one.
Bend the leads carefully away so it won't happen.


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Hi Martin,

thanks for your input, What I did is, to cover the soldering points with tape to prevent it from shorting 
It was mentioned on FB that it also could be one o f the FET tr306 or tr206.

what do you think about that ?
it was also mentioned that it could be a creaked PCB, but putting the same pcb in another unit, it works fine. 

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