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OSX to Masterlink

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McRib posted on Wed, Mar 25 2020 5:05 PM

I have two Macs, one a Mac Pro desktop running 10.8 and a 5K iMac running 10.13. Is there any software that will connect either computer to a Masterlink system, like a Beosound 4000? I remember in the early 2000s there was a program that did that, with a black "control bar" that emerged from the right side of the screen, but I'm guessing that's way too old now... Anyhow, just wondering if I can control a music component from my computer. Thanks in advance!

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L Spad
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Suggested by L Spad

I think you are thinking of the old Beoport/BeoLink PC2. It was a windows only job and now pretty much obsolete. On a Mac you could use the same hardware with Linkplayer or BM-link but I don’t think either are maintained any more, and as far as I’m aware they don’t work on the latest OSX release.

I’ve posted on here before about the use of a Lintronic box with a BeoLink 1611 converter. That option would work with your iMac quite well, assuming it is one of the models with a built in IR converter. If not I fear you may be into custom coding territory...

others on here might have other solutions

All the best


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