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OSX to Masterlink

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McRib posted on Wed, Mar 25 2020 5:05 PM

I have two Macs, one a Mac Pro desktop running 10.8 and a 5K iMac running 10.13. Is there any software that will connect either computer to a Masterlink system, like a Beosound 4000? I remember in the early 2000s there was a program that did that, with a black "control bar" that emerged from the right side of the screen, but I'm guessing that's way too old now... Anyhow, just wondering if I can control a music component from my computer. Thanks in advance!

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L Spad
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Suggested by L Spad

I think you are thinking of the old Beoport/BeoLink PC2. It was a windows only job and now pretty much obsolete. On a Mac you could use the same hardware with Linkplayer or BM-link but I don’t think either are maintained any more, and as far as I’m aware they don’t work on the latest OSX release.

I’ve posted on here before about the use of a Lintronic box with a BeoLink 1611 converter. That option would work with your iMac quite well, assuming it is one of the models with a built in IR converter. If not I fear you may be into custom coding territory...

others on here might have other solutions

All the best


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Did you get any further with this?

I am experimenting with virtual machines. I currently have MacOS and Windows XP installed on my Windows 10 PC. I use Oracle VirtualBox (free to use) and it works brilliantly.  It says it will run on Mac and then host emulate Windows.

There is lots of information on the net on setting up virtual machines and if Mac can run one as well as my PC does, I have no doubt that you can run a Beoport/BeoLink PC2. 

You could install a virtual machine and download the software from B&O and try that out before buying a Beoport/BeoLink PC2. At least you'll know how you get on with it? 

This should allow you to control a Masterlinked Beosound from the computer screen.


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The question is, what do you want to do? Remote Control B&O components from a Mac? Or vice versa? Use B&O audio sources on the Mac? Use Mac Music (e.g. iTunes) on B&O?



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