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Beocord 1200 filter adjustment problems

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Hello first post here Smile

I have been trying to do the filter adjustment on my beocord 1200 as the left and right channels aren't matched, but when I follow the instructions in the manual I get no control over my voltages when adjusting the adjustable capacitors.

It says in the manual; to solder 15 ohm resistors into the tape-head chassis leads on both channels, then get out the millivoltmeter to measure the voltage across the resistor. Now the manual does not state wether measurements are in DC or AC, but I take it's AC since I get 0 on my meter when measuring in DC. When measuring in AC I get 12-13 mV no matter what I adjust, this goes for both capacitors and filters. So what am I doing wrong? Also when I connect the voltmeter across the left or right channel tape-head leads without the 15-ohms in place I'm suddenly able to adjust the voltages fine by both capacitors and filters.

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