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Puc command Mac Mini with Beovision 11

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geert bergmans
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geert bergmans posted on Thu, Dec 27 2012 10:20 AM

I have a little problem.

My Mac Mini and ATV 3 both are connected on a Beovision 11-46 and be activated by the Beo 4 with navigation button.

The Puc is Apple remote of the 2nd and 3th generation.

How can I get the Mini in standby by means of the Beo 4?

On the 10-40 with the Beo 4 without navigation button I just had to push GO, I saw as symbol Z in token of the Mini had gone to sleep.

Now, with neither of any button, the Mini is going to sleep. Just the yellow button is active.

Thank you in advance for your help to find a solution.

P.S. I have installed Mountain Lion and I-Tunes 11.

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But do you need it to go to sleep, didn't mountain lion get the "power nap" feature?

Too long to list.... 

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