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Question: Using Beolab speakers with different brand tv's

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Beobuddy posted on Mon, Mar 9 2020 6:33 PM

Just a question.

When I use a hdmi(-arc) audio extractor, will I be able to control the volume of the  music with the remote from the tv, when I use the hdmi-arc coonection? Or will it have a fixed level?

Does it depend on option settings inside the telly? I don't have a spare tv to experiment  ;-)

Something like this is what I want to use:

I was wondering if I could combine a Panasonic LCD tv with a set of BL6000 with this extractor.

I don't want to use the headphone socket. I know other options (using a Core etc), but I have a spare BL6000 set here, which I'm intend to donate to a family member.



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It will be volume controlled. I paid 30€ for mine.
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