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Beogram 3404 tone arm won’t stay on record

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Ianh007 posted on Sat, Feb 29 2020 2:39 AM

When I press Start, the tonearm travels to the record, lowers to the record, but then immediately raises and returns to the home position and the unit powers off. I’m just a novice user. Where do I even start looking for the problem? There is a MMC 20EN stylus on it.

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Hi there,

Just for interest sake,have you tried manually to play another track? (Not the first track- pick track 3 or 4).

and see if the tonearm still behaves the same way.

I'm not a technician, but it would be one thing eliminated in your trouble- shooting.

If it plays OK  , then I would think that  some  adjustment would be needed to the tonearm or sensor.






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