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Beosystem 6500 with Beolab 9 speakers ?

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PeterLouw posted on Thu, Feb 27 2020 8:00 AM

I am new to the site and 


I have a beautiful Beosystem 6500 with Beovox S120's connected to it at my home in France. Sound from the S120's is still great but I am picking up a little noise from the one mid range unit, especially when the volume is up higher than normal. I have another system in another country, Beocenter 2 with new Beolab 50 speakers. I previously used a set of Beolab 9 with this small Beocenter and now want to take them to France

My question is : can I connect these Beolab 9's to the Beomaster 6500 ( 2 x powerlink outlets) and if so, must I use the Powerlink Mk3 cords in order to eliminate potential noises as well ( this was suggested by the salesperson at the time) ?

Any input and advice would be greatly appreciated ! Thanks ! 

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