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Not able to update Beoplay M5 ( firmware )

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rasmusholtet posted on Mon, Feb 24 2020 8:12 AM

Hi BeoWorld 

I just received my new Beoplay M5 after i bought in online here in Tokyo . Quickly discovered for some reason Item and serial No. was not listed in the Beoapp conf. overview. However it is listed on the product itself. can only reg, as generic speaker in the BeoApp .

firmware version 1.15.18747

I assume the missing item + serial no. in the conf. is what prevents me from updating.  my otter M5 is at version  : 1.21.34088.134789577

Beotool service report says, not able to connect to beoportal , not able to verify software update. 

thank you 



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You need to contact product support at B&O and get them help you to put back the serial number. 

Maybe you need to go true an retail, dont know how it is in Tokyo. 

They can save it, or if not you need to send it in and get and replacement unit. (new)

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ngnear replied on Mon, Feb 24 2020 7:04 PM
I just checked my M5 with the BeoTool.

The BeoPortal is being shown as “not ready” even though it was accessible at the weekend.

Perhaps give a day or two to see if it goes back online.
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