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Beocenter 8000 - Board 62 - Cautionary Tale

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machineage posted on Sun, Feb 23 2020 10:43 PM

So I recently acquired a Beocenter 8000, and after reading the amazing advice here, I contacted Dillen to order a correct three belt kit for the tape mechanism, and a capacitor kit for the CD servo board, the latter as a precautionary measure.

Dillen advised I check the rectifier / relay / capacitor board (62) for dry joints etc. Well, just take a look at this! The Beocenter is all working absolutely fine (save for a tape belt), but it was hanging by a thread for its power! Interesting to see one lead from C6 has pushed itself clear of the joint, only secured by a minimal amount of solder, and C5 has similarly started ejecting its lead!

Check board 62.

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