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NL/ML Converter Errors normal?

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Michael posted on Sun, Feb 23 2020 2:11 PM


I'm troubleshooting some strange behavior in my NL streaming and am seeing an awful lot of these errors showing up in the logs of my NL/ML converters.

I suspect that one (or both) of the messages below could possibly be normal and could represent B&O servers failing to respond to the now end-of-life converters checking for updaters etc.


Feb 23 08:59:38 (none) BLC[4779]: [info]:Client disconnected. Message: Socket error. Error: Connection reset by peer, ErrorCode: 104 [Notifier.cpp:233]

Feb 23 08:59:38 (none) BLC[4779]: [info]:Dismissing HTTP Response due to errorState [Http.cpp:349]


Is anyone else seeing a lot of these or is this indicating a more serious condition? 

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stefan replied on Mon, Feb 24 2020 12:19 PM

I can`t believe it`s normal, but same here:

- "Client disconnect..." ....(?!)

Otherwise BLC is running well (configured as A.slave)


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beojeff replied on Mon, Feb 24 2020 12:25 PM

I, too, have noticed the numerous errors in the logs for all of my 7 converters. I even turned off the automatic firmware update searches, but the errors persist. It's been years since there has been an update to the firmware.

My converters all work well with the exception that some sources cannot be controlled by the app. For example the A.MEM SD card source of the BeoSound 4 does not show the NEXT or PREVIOUS arrow icons on the app. Strange. Still, control is as it should be with the B&O remotes.

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