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Beolab 2 going idle after a few seconds (Beosound 9000 system)

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gapy100 posted on Mon, Feb 17 2020 11:38 PM

Hello everybody. I came across a problem when trying to set up my beolab 2 to my bs9000 system with bl 8000 setup and i would appreciate any thoughts and ideas on what could be wrong.


I have bought a secondhand bs9000 with a set of bl 8000 a few years ago, which is working perfectly for me and i just love it. Anyway i missed more punchy bass from time to time, so i have bought a second hand  beolab 2 recently. When i was trying to connect it to my bs9000, following all manuals, i cannot keep the bl2 on. After a second or two, it shuts itself off along with the 8000. Bs 9000 seems to be working ok during that. I can hear a loud click and see the green light on the bl2 when turning the system on, but in few seconds, before even starts playing the music, bl2 turns back to idle mode along with the bl8000 connected to it. 

I would kindly apreciate any ideas or suggestions what could be the problem since the bl2 worked fine for the previous owner. 


I have tryed different powerlink cables from the bl2 to bs9000, different power cords, differenc socket outlets (in case the line would be overused), nothing seems to fix it. The workflow i used for connecting it to my system was:

-unpluging the bs9000

-linking the bl2 to bs 9000 and bl8000

-powering the bl8000 and than bl2

-powering the bs 9000


Thank you for any ideas and kind regards, Gasper


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