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BeoSound Essence MKII: need explanation regarding Volume Line Out feature

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Tux posted on Sat, Feb 15 2020 4:03 PM

Dear All,

New and happy owner* of a BS Essence MKII I have a question regarding the feature "Volume Line Out" (in the sound menu).

There is an accompanying text who says: "Use the Power Link socket instead for connection to an audio system.".

For me, it suggests that if this option is selected, the signal leaving the Power Link sockets can be used by another device as an auxiliary input signal. So this BS Essence would behave like a simple source (perhaps with volume control) and could connect to the line input of a BS Ouverture for example.

But concerning the audio part of the Power Link, it's a low level signal like the signal from a CD player on its line out sockets with, in addition, volume control, isn't it?

So what's the point of this feature?

Many thanks for your help.

Take care,



* Unfortunately for me, I'm always happy to own a new expansive B&O device even if the competitors are doing much better for much less!

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Your understanding is correct (apart from the last part).

You can use this setting to feed all, what comes from the Essence box, to the Aux/line-in (of the Ouverture).

Please note: some (B&O) devices have different line-in sensitivity options - with that is not the case with the Ouverture.

However you must know, that the volume regulation has to be done in the Ouverture/Beo4 - the volume regulation (via the app or the Essence Remote) of the Essence box will be deactivated.

By the way - as for sound quality, it is always best to control volume at the last point in an audio chain.

I have done it that way for years now with my old Beomaster 4500 - actually right now writing this.


P.S. You can connect the PL-out without this setting - however I would not recommend would have to fiddle with two volume controls.

Theoretically you could then volume control via the app/the Essence Remote, when the Aux-in of the Ouverture is the only source/input, you’d use there - thereby leave the Ouverture with a ‘static’ volume, that suits you.




There is a tv - and there is a BV.

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Lyon, France
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Tux replied on Mon, Feb 17 2020 5:47 PM

Hi MM,

Many thanks for your reply and explanations.

For your information, this BS Essence MKII is connected between my Linux Ubuntu desktop through a Behringer DAC to a pair of BL4 PowerLink. I wanted to use multiroom feature but, to keep voice and images synchronised I had to select an option who desables it... (If I understood well).

It's a standalone system. I don't plan to modify that. I asked this question to satisfy my curiosity as an "old" geek who likes to delve into menus and options...


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