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Beovision 5 & SKY Q techie question about HDMI

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folkdeejay posted on Wed, Feb 12 2020 3:23 PM

Hi All,


Long time no post !!     Life gets in the way....

Anyway - changing from Virgin (scart based Tivo)  to SKY Q in a few weeks.

My otherwise fine BVis 5 has no hdmi...,     so looking to use an adaptor for a while.

Has anyone experienced any of the relatively budget options...


I know that graphics and GUI in particular will be less than HD - but based in using an Xbox and also the Tivo, I can live with the very good SD  that the panel still provides for actual TV images.

We have a couple of HD panels in other rooms. and TBH that sort of hyper realism is a bit jarring compared to my lovely old Bvis 5...    sort of a vinyl vs CD thing perhaps... 

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Kevin replied on Wed, Feb 12 2020 9:11 PM


I use something similar, same price point for my 28" Avant crt, beovision 6 26". bacause Sky Q changed to HDMI only grrr  It works fine and they mean that if you use an HDMI splitter or multi output HDMI it won't downgrade your HD signals to the lowest output.

Not an issue for these adapters but the spliiter etc. can cause Sky Q to bring up a HTCP error.

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A friend of mine had bv5 ( as I had) and had to use hdmi converter.......he loved the bv5! But tech left it behind. Bought a Sony as picture quality with the converter was poor.

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Ok - good to know.

This will be a stop gap. 

 It is a a shame there are no HDMI - RGB scart , rsaher than the lowe resolution hdmi - composite video, which is essentially what these do.     

The BV5 picture quality is still great, even from the Tivo box using fully wired scart - not great for graphics, but still really for good content  so the HD channels and the well made live stuff via BBC news etc )     Most non-tekky folks assume it is full HD, tbh.

Any pointer to an HDMI - Component video converter would be very welcome - perhaps even deferring new TV day until the BV5 gives up.

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