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Beosystem 3 dvi type

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bramble posted on Fri, Feb 7 2020 6:31 PM
If you were to add an ir receiver to that type of bs 3

1. Can you use the ir type with the phono style jack ?

2. Do you need to use the 9 pin type?

It will be used with a lg panel not a beovision

If it's the 9 pin....were can I get one.


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Hallo, I have one and the cable with plug only for use with almost any eye. Cheers, Kai

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Guy replied on Fri, Feb 7 2020 9:28 PM

I think the phono style jack will be fine for an IR eye without auto-contrast.  The phono style jack supplies 5V, data and ground, and I think that is all that is required. 

EDIT; Pages 121 and 123 refer:

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frog replied on Wed, Feb 12 2020 7:46 PM

Yes, 3.5mm plug will work. With the 9 pin Dsub, you get the green and red power status buttons working. As you aren’t using a B&O TV, the ambient light check will be of no use. I used to use a raspberry which would connect up to the serial port to switch the TV on and off (via HDMI CEC), so it saved having multiple remote controls. 

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I'm using the Phono style connection on my BS3 with LG OLED TV.  Connected like this.


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And here is the wiring diagram I used. Wired as per Beomedia. 

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