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Connection BS35 to BV11

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xpresso posted on Sun, Feb 2 2020 8:56 AM

Hi! although longtime reader, now a member of be-world :-) Thanks for having me! I have a question. I own a BV11 first gen (No Wisa). I just bought a BS35 for my veranda. All well so far. I can listen to the same radio on the BV and the BS35 simultaneously. However I need to use the App to do that (multiroom) option. Can I program my TV so that I select "net radio" the BS35 automatically switches on? Under :product integration" I can see the BS35 on my TV, but that's it.. Or do I need a Core to pull this off? Both are connected (wireless ) to the same wifi network. It looks like the iPhone app works as a bridge between the two.

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You can't expand the sound to multiroom directly from the TV using the remote. However you CAN do this with two different remote control solutions:

1. You can switch the product on the BeoRemote One to control the BeoSound 35 (using bluetooth) and then select the JOIN command. I find that the bluetooth range is pretty wide. So this solution might work for you. The downside is that you have to keep changing the product selection on the BeoRemote One.

2. You can enter the exciting world of B&O home automation and use a macro! Using either a BeoLink Gateway or its successor the BeoLiving Intelligence you can program a macro so that you could send a LIGHT or CONTROL command to the BeoVision (e.g. CONTROL + 1) that triggers the BLGW or BLI to send a JOIN command to the BeoSound 35. This solution has the benefits of keeping the BeoRemote One in the BeoVision mode and having no limitation of range of the remote control. However, it is far, far more expensive than solution #1.

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