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iPad to Beolab 90

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seethroughyou Posted: Thu, Jan 23 2020 11:28 AM
Just bought an Apple Camera Kit and fired up Roon, Deezer (free trial) and Tidal (free trial) and all can output to my Beolab 90 speakers from the IPad to the USB input. Use the Beoremote for volume changes with fixed output on Roon. Unfortunately the volume buttons still work and change volume despite Roon being set to output a fixed line-out. Deezer works fine. Tidal works fine. In time I might sign up to Primephonic or Idagio as I’m a classical fan and 95% my listening is in this genre. iPad seems to stream whatever music service is loaded on to it.

Can any of you foresee any problems or limitations using an iPad to USB in on the Beolab?

Has anyone done any comparisons with different streaming machines to see if it makes a difference using a digital signal (bits are bits aren’t they after all)?

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Fantastic solution! There should be no issues with this because as you note there is no audio conversion being done by the iPad. You are really making great use of your BL 90 set up!

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Carolpa replied on Thu, Jan 23 2020 5:41 PM

Can any of you foresee any problems or limitations using an iPad to USB in on the Beolab?
Roon tells you if the digital path is optimal when playing a tune. Just on the right of the song tittle / artist you'll find a dot or shining dot. When you tap this dot Roon will give you this info.


note: the shining dot is the optimal situation.

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