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A9 MK3 & Alexa ... issues

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NullMind posted on Thu, Jan 23 2020 10:31 AM


I recently got an A9 MK3, and I seem to only be able to connect it to my Amazon echo show (v1) via bluetooth 

It 'sort' of works, but when I ask for example to Alexa to play some music, it wont play Alexa's voice, instead will start on the music, it seems there is either a delay on how long it takes for the echo and the A9 to start casting via bluetooth or something else entirely

Is there any other way to wirelessly connect an echo to an A9 ?, when I cast from my iPhone via Airplay, it works great, I also seem to get better and louder sound via airplay ?

Any tips/suggestions on the best way to get Alexa and the A9 to play along most welcome


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Since the A9 is not Alexa enabled, for time being the connection via bluetooth is the only way to do this.

Maybe some day the B&O devices will get support for Alexa too.....just like they have for Chrome casting.

However, there is no announcement whatsoever - so you will have to live with things as is.

By the way, it works basicly the same, when you use a Google Home Mini (or whatever they call it nowadays) to connect to a  B&O device without build-in Google Assistant.


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