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Beogram 1700 (lift issues?)

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Ryan posted on Mon, Dec 17 2012 4:36 AM

Hi.  First post.

I'm doing a favor for a friend who needed his Beogram 1700 given the once-over.  I've restored DUALs for myself but but this is my first venture into these Danish beauties.

Is there a good cleaning/lubing guide anywhere?  But mainly these questions...

His deck has the following issues:

1) Occasionally seems to latch at speeds faster than 45rpm when starting up on 33rpm.  Pressing 45 followed by 33 fixes it.

2) Tonearm fails to lift when pressing pause.  Motor shuts down but needle remains in contact with record.

3) Tonearm fails to lift when stop is triggered at the end of a record (however it will return to rest position... by dragging the stylus across whatever unfortunate record you had on the deck).  Thankfully, my redundant test record.  Phew!

I think I'm reading that a good clean and lube is definitely in order.  And that perhaps the speed issue is related to a worn/slipping belt?  But what about the tonearm.  What is the common culprit?

Fortunately the rest seems in great working order, sounds good too (although I thought i detected a hint of stylus [MMC-20E] wear in the audio testing... I don't have a scope).  I figured I'd suggest he nab a second one on ebay and see if it sounds any better.


One other comment.

Once pause or stop has triggered, you can get the tone-arm back into it's lifted resting state just by working it up and down a couple times, but it won't go there on it's own.

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Austin, Texas
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Ryan replied on Mon, Dec 17 2012 4:38 AM

Regarding belt sources... My parts list specs the belt as 232037, same as the 2202 etc.

So this should work?

Søren Mexico
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The speed failure is triggered by a loose belt, the belt from Axel will probably be a good one, or try Martin (Dillen on this forum).

The non lifting may be a mechanical or a electric failure, check the mechanism and exercise it by hand, there are manuals onsite.

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Dillen replied on Sat, Dec 22 2012 8:30 PM

Running too fast - replace the platter belt as Søren already suggested. I can supply a correct belt if you can't find one elsewhere.
Tonearm lift problem - probably the lifting mech. has seized in old and dried lubricants. We have had several
threads about this on Beoworld. A matter of a single drop of sewing machine oil.
Do a search - maybe also in the archived sections - and you will find much more info.


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