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Beomaster 2000 (type 2917) or 3300: stereo light on FM always on ??

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ipaul posted on Tue, Dec 31 2019 1:07 PM

With a BM2000 T2917 i notice the following: the stereo led is always on if it is set to FM and the sound is also stereo, even the static, only exeption is when it is tuned to a wek/mono station.

When the mono/stereo switch is set to mono, sound is mono and the light is off.

Also when the BM is set to AM it turns off.

If i look into the diagram, i can't see anything in the circuitry making sure the stereo light is not on when not tuned in.

Btw, when tuned in to a weak station (or mono, as the manual suggests, but yeah: try to find a mono FM station these days), the stereo light does turn off.

As in the sm, i have re-adjusted the 19KHz osc with no improvement, also exchanging the TCA4500 ic has no effect.

But before i dig deeper for nothing, i would like to check with owners of a BM2000 or 3300 if this (odd) behaviour is 'normal'...

For example the old BM2000 balance lights also function as signal strength lights and the stereo light is off when not tuned into an FM stereo station.

On the newer 2000 also the balance lights are always on (and there seems to be no way they relate to signal strength, looking at the diagram).

Thanks in advance.

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