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Beosound Stage advice

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b3ast72 posted on Mon, Dec 30 2019 6:36 PM

Hi All. 


I have a Stage and was hoping someone on here could elaborate on what exactly the upmix, virtualise and low frequency settings do exactly, no info came with the soundbar

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I set mine up recently and had the same question 🙂

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Thanks for the link, very useful - mine is getting shipped in 8 days. :)

One thing still puzzles me, though: the description of "Virtualize" says that it creates an effect of more speakers around the listener... ...I mean, since it is a soundbar with Atmos isn't it supposed to do exactly that by default?

Now would that mean that it creates a quasi-surround effect with sources that are recorded as stereo? Or that it further amplifies the Atmos effect?

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