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Beolab 50 speakers seem dead on arrival

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troyh posted on Sat, Dec 28 2019 12:25 AM
I just got 2 Beolab 50 speakers plus a Core shipped directly from B&O and I can't get them to work. I used the B&O app and added them both, I upgraded the Core's software and they appear to be functioning in the app, they show up on the network and I can stream to the Core. However, no sound comes out of the speaker.
To simplify the problem as much as I could, I took the Core out of the equation, disconnected the slave speaker, plugged my iPhone into the RCA plugs on the speaker (Apple Lightning adapter -> 3.5mm audio cable with RCA plugs on the other end)  and there is no sound from the speaker and it doesn't seem to "wake up". I can plug my phone directly into another working amplifier’s RCA plugs and it works fine. Also, if I unplug the speaker from power and plug it back in, sometimes the tweeter rises and sometimes it doesn’t. When it does rise, the light inside blinks for a bit and then it turns off and goes back down. In the B&O app, all the inputs are greyed out except Wireless Powerlink but the automatic option has the checkbox next to it.
The reseller says I have everything hooked up properly and it's now the weekend so B&O customer service is unreachable. Any ideas or suggestions? It seems like there’s something wrong with the input circuitry.


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Jeff replied on Sat, Dec 28 2019 10:44 PM

Selling something complex is like selling a guy a 10 band parametric equalizer, a mic, and a test generator as "perfect room correction, some assembly required." Then sit back and watch the fun.

Even with normal eq's, 99 percent of all the eq's I've seen in the wild all have the smiley face pattern on them, aka a full time loudness curve.



I'm afraid I'm recovering from the BeoVirus. Sad

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Every purchase is a different circumstance. When I purchased my Beosound 3000 the dealer offered to drive three hours each way just to connect one masterlink cable to my Avant. When I bought my 50s they were shipped to my home and I set them up myself. Sometimes a customer wants things set up by a dealer. Sometimes the customer might want to set up a product themselves. I am much more familiar with the 50s having set them up myself, than I would have been if a technician set them up. Neither way, dealer set up or self set up, is right or wrong. They each have their place.

That’s the way I wanted my 90s. Complete setup by myself - even though they weren’t prepped for auto update or room calibration. Did it all myself and then taught the dealer. However, if that was not my bag....I’d be well and truly stuffed (and an additional £700 lighter for a commissioning day - which at the time I’m pretty sure the dealer knew 2/5th of nothing

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Good points all.

£700 a day for set up, yikes!
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