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Bang & Olufsen App 2.11 (beta / prod)

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mbolo01 posted on Wed, Nov 27 2019 9:12 AM

Dear app users, here's is a summary of some comments I could find in previous app related thread that are still valid with the new app iteration.

I may have missed some, or some have been fixed since, so feel free to update the list while keeping all the items grouped for better reading (copy paste with changes).


Hopefully someone in B&O still reads this forum and cares.


Issues (new, re-introduced and on-going):


  • Cannot get the app to control BeoSystem 4500 and BeoSound 2300, each connected to an NL/ML converter.
  • Apps freezing when Internet access is not available while local network access to products is functional.
  • Now playing screen: moving forward/backward within a DLNA track does not work as it should
  • Now playing screen: when changing a DLNA track, album cover is not displayed back until now playing screen is minimized/maximized
  • Music browsing: back and more buttons are not visible when artist/album image background is white 
  • Music browsing on iPhone: top artist/album image overlaps top screen informations
  • Beolink settings: Integrated devices monitoring does not stay disabled after app restart
  • Now playing screen: icon depicting the product or flashing for a fraction of a second.
  • Previous play queue is not emptied prior to load new items if a radio source has been played previously
  • IOS 3D Touch "shutdown all" option does not do what it is supposed to do but simply opens the B&O App


On-going requests for enhancement by BeoWorld forum members:


  • Lack of virtual keyboard for the Eclipse when a menu where text input is required is encountered, e.g. search field
  • Split view and slide over on the Apple iPad
  • Deezer Flow
  • Possibility to reduce local source list in the now playing screen
  • Genre overview - with much smaller pictures per Genre, so that you see more content without scrolling, e.g to follow the Deezer design (as you did with Artists using round circles instead of squares). Deezer is using small rectangle instead of squares for displaying genre.
  • Clearer multiroom screen, you see all groupings at once, without changing selected products
  • Possibility to alias sources' names, e.g change BS Core "Line In" to "BG 4000"
  • More consistency across screen designs, e.g.  when you choose "show all“ at "Deezer Selection“ the displayed list looks different than all the other lists displayed at  "show all“, why?
  • Now playing screen: changing track by pressing on the image is far too sensitive, lack of inertia
  • Dark mode



BS Moment, BS Core, BS Ouverture, BG 4002, BS1, BL18, BL19, BL8000 + RCV1, A6, M5, M3, A1, P6 (tks Botty), H5, TR1

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Very good summary.

It's a pity that B&O apparently doesn't pay any attention anymore :(

On the one hand, I can understand that MrAndersen is no longer active, with all those negative comments in the forum about the App. On the other hand, I can understand all users who are very disappointed by the App. Working on this list of mbolo01 would be a step in the right direction.

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Virtual keyboard for the Eclipse when a menu where text input is required is encountered (for example search field).





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