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Beolab5 and Onkyo PRSC5509

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SS1 posted on Sun, Nov 17 2019 7:52 PM

Hi Guys

New to this B&O stuff, need some help with setup!

So im trying to connect beolab 5 to onkyo prsc5509 av reciever

Beolab 5 are connected to Onkyo  preout/line via line rca cables that came with the beolab 5(as suggested in the beolab 5 manual, direct line from beolab  to preout line on onkyo

Beolab 5 are unlocked(pin codes entered and confirmed), calibrated and active

Sync cable between beolab 5s is not connected 

Audio Input to onkyo from tv is via optical connection, no digital coax on this tv 

ARC HDMI also connected, Onkyo has ARC HDMI and so does the TV, both are connected via ARC HDMI as suggested)

I cant get any sound from the Beolab 5's...????

Onkyo and Beolab5 are brand new...

Any pointers on what may be going on? 

Thanks in advance!




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Steve at Sounds Heavenly
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The cable workshop, Leics, UK
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Hi SS1,

Welcome to Beoworld!  You will need a B&O remote control (eg. Beolink 1000 or Beo4) to activate the Beolab 5 speakers before use.

Once the speaker have been switched on, please turn up the speaker volume to approx. 50-75% via the B&O remote and then save the setting into the speaker memory - this level should give a good sound output, without causing the hissing that can result from having the speaker level too high.

You should now have full volume control from the receiver remote.  If the receiver was supplied with a setup microphone, please connect this to the socket on the receiver front panel and allow the receiver to go through its setup process - it should send noise or tones to each speaker in turn.

If you don't have the mic (or if any speakers don't sound during the test), please go into the receiver menu and manually assign the speakers for each pre-out socket, ensuring that the subwoofer output is turned off and the Beolab 5s are set as "Large" or "Full range".

Adding a Sync cable between the speakers will ensure that the speakers remain at matched volume levels:-

Hope this helps!

Kind regards, Steve.


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