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Acoustic Lens Mod for Beolab 6000/8000

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VanWolff posted on Fri, Nov 15 2019 8:18 PM

Dear Members,

As I have revamped my living room with respect to its furniture, I am planning a makeover for both my Beolab 6000 and 8000 (MkII) speakers, by adding wood grills to each pairs (readily availible on eBay). By doing so, I have seen that there once was an acoustic lens mod kit sold on the bay for the Beolab 6000:


Subsequently, I did some research and found a picture of a Beolab 8000 speaker with an acoustic lens mounted on top:



Did anyone here perform a similar mod to their Beolab 6000/8000? If so, where did you get the acoustic lens? 

Thank you very much and best regards,


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