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Beogram 3500 vs Sonos (sound very low)

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Kmuhren posted on Wed, Nov 6 2019 6:44 PM

Good evening, 

Hope there's someone who could help me out. I've purchased a Bang & Olufsen Beogram 3500 turntable which I want to connect directly to my Sonos Play:5. 

The Beogram 3500 has a built-in RIAA pre-amp and a MMC4 cartridge, and its connected directly to the line-in port of my Sonos 5 speaker via a 3.5mm male to RCA cable. When I play a record, I can hear music but probably on 20% of the audio level that Sonos normally gives. According to some websites, most of the turntables with a built-in preamp should have a switch to change phono to line and vice versa, which I cannot find on the Beogram 3500, so I'm guessing it should have a line output by default?

I also tried using an external pre-amp, which definitely increases the volume, but that comes with a lot of noise...

Thanks in advance for helping me out!


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Steve at Sounds Heavenly
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Hi Kmuhren,

Welcome to Beoworld!  Beogram 3500 left the factory with a built in (non-switchable) pre-amp, which should give a line level output, although very slightly lower than other line sources typically (maybe around 90% of normal volume, which makes me think that your Beogram may be faulty if it is producing 20% of the volume you expected?)

It may be worth getting the Beogram checked out by a local audio repairer.  If you need any help with the female DIN to male 3.5mm cable to link the Beogram to theSonos Play:5, please drop me a line at or click on my sponsor link at the foot of the page to get in touch and I will be happy to help!

Kind regards, Steve.


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If you haven allready solved your problem, here's my thoughts about it:

I use B&O together with Sonos too and have had a Beogram 4500 LP hooked directly up to a Sonos Connect, and it worked fine. The 4500 also has a build-in RIAA.

In the Sonos app, under "room settings" (now it's called system settings, I think), there should be some settings you can fiddle with. There is with the Connect, so I bet it's the same with the line-in in the Play5. Maybe you have volume-limiter activated?

Also, I spoke to a Sonos supporter, and he told me, regarding volume-level of the line-in, that Level 4 (airplay) is the best one for all types of input.

I think you may have that set at a wrong level. Maybe, it's at level 1, which is lower.

My guess is you change it so level 4, and that solves your problem.



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Set the input to Fixed, Level 4 (airplay) in the sonos app, under system settings for your Play 5.



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