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Connect Beosound 9000 and Beosound Core

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AndersPersson posted on Mon, Oct 21 2019 7:45 PM

Hi all,

So I currently have one Beosound 9000 and four Beolab 4000.
I now plan to extend the setup with a Beosound 35 and a Beosound Core.

I have done some research on how to connect 9000 and Core and they all suggest using the AUX port.
But when I check the 9000 it has an optical out and the Core has an optical in so my plan is to use this.
The speakers would then be connected to the Core, not to the 9000.
This would allow me to use the Core and speakers without the CD.
Is there anyone that has any experience or at least input regarding the feasibility of this setup?

The idea here is that the Core will be the core of the system and if I play a CD on the 9000 the Core will propagate the sound to the 35 in a different room.

My main concern here is that for my planned setup I have to buy converting cables between the Core and the speakers and if my planned setup is considered crap my this forum then there is of course not much point in getting the cables.

In case it makes a difference, the 9000 has type code 2561 so I assume it is a Mk II.

Thanks for your ideas and input.

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I do no think 9000 has the optical out port; You can also consider to connect 9000' s powerlink to the core' s line in, then 9000' s CD music can play from the lab4000 connected to your core.

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No problem!

You’ll need a (small) converter from coax to optical.

Please beware that only the sound from the CD’s can be output through the digital out.



There is a tv - and there is a BV.

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You are right. I just assumed that when the reference guide stated digital out if was optical. Wrong indeed when I now check the actual connectors. Thanks for the pointer.

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stefan replied on Thu, Oct 24 2019 1:12 PM

Should work...

And you will need a Powerlink dummy plug, if there are no Beolabs connected, to allow other audio options than OPT 0 to be able to remotecontrol your 9000 directly.


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