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Beoplay A8 Mk2

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Padlockbob posted on Mon, Oct 21 2019 3:16 PM


i have had my A8 for over 4 years and I have loved it. Recently I changed my home WiFi and now I can not get the app to reconnect the A8 with my new home WiFi.

when I asked at the local store they seemed to know little about it and said I could possibly connect through a cable into a booster socket junction box. I have done this and it works; however this means that the A8 is no longer a WiFi unit as they dont support the unit with an app anymore....?

Is it just tough luck on my part or is there a work around? As this does seem phenomenally bad support and service from such an iconic company who should move heaven and earth for its loyal customer base...

Can someone please help



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Hi and Welcome to Beoworld,

Could it be related to your wifi standard? Maybe when you changed wifi you went from a 2.4 Ghz to a 5 Ghz network and the A8 may be not compatible.

I have had quite a few wifi speakers and no one was 5ghz ready so i had to open a "side" 2.4 ghz network for thoses speakers only.


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