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Tone arm suddenly skipping and distorted

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gaberhodes posted on Sat, Oct 12 2019 1:17 PM

Hi all, after a couple months of no use due to a house renovation, I sat down to enjoy some of my vinyl and my Beogram 1700 has gone haywire! The tone arm slides all the way across the vinyl and even after rebalancing it to as light as possible, the sound is horribly distorted. 
I suspect one of two things - either the dust from our renovation has thoroughly coated the stylus. Or our cleaning lady was a little rough with the turntable in an effort to clean all of the dust from the renovation and she accidentally damaged the stylus. I don’t have a cleaning kit but I was thinking of buying one. Has anyone seen a stylus behave this way after accumulating significant dust? Or do these symptoms seem more indicative of a damaged stylus?
many thanks, Gabe  

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