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Bang & Olufsen over time

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Barry Santini
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Barry Santini Posted: Wed, Oct 9 2019 11:05 PM
As the techno creds of any B&O product fades over time, it is the gestalt of style, ownership, and magic the never ebbs.

Customer support is part of the gestalt of B&O ownership.

Less tech—more support.

Are you listening, Mr. New CEO?
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I agree. In the US I know people are afraid to buy B&O because of the support. Also, they need more B&M outlets to see and hear before buying. 

the Beoplay line that is rationalized could be highly compelling. They need to focus mainstream products in the $599 to $2999 for speakers and $199 to $399 for headphones range IMHO. They can have a couple of halo products and have a campaign that shows they play nice with other systems...the new Soundbar is in the right direction. They should also focus on streaming and wireless is where their active range works best.

I love every B&O product I’ve ever owned and I really hope they surprise. Unfortunately their customer service is non existent, whereas Bose and Sonos have amazing service in the US.


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