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Fixing broken penta 6603

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daptay1527 posted on Sat, Sep 21 2019 5:09 PM

Hello all,

I bought some penta mkI's and one got broken during shipping. Looking for parts and advice while getting these back in good shape and fixed such as what updates or upgrades should be done while in these speakers and where to get everything.

There is a black piece between the base and the speaker portion that says "Bang and Olufsen" the broke down the middle and now the speaker is loose and leaning to the side. I assume that is the bracket that holds the two piece together. It now blows air our from there when the speakers are working instead of from the port like its supposed to. 

There is also a thin piece of trim behind the speaker grill on the lower right side that is missing (longer piece for the bottom)


One of the woofers looks to have a good surround but distorts like its traveling too far, so a woofer or two would be nice and it never hurts to have a few spare midrange speakers (maybe 4 I can get rebuilt and use as needed over the years).

One of the feet under the base is missing, so a few of those to have spares would be cool too.


Also, I do not know if the displays are interchangeable but neither of my displays work...

The mirrored side paneling on all of them are rough also, if you have nice pieces that would be cool.


Sounds like I need/want everything you have but I cant afford shipping the whole thing here.


LMK what you have and how much shipped to Georgia, 30024 USA

Thank you all in advance for any info/advice that will be shared as well as hooking me up with any of the parts I need/want.

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