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Beosound Ouverture CD drive spins without CD only

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Karnayna posted on Fri, Sep 20 2019 9:55 PM

Dear members,

when I press CD on my Ouverture and did not put a CD in I can see the spindle turn and the focus motor do its job.

If a CD is in the spindle motor does not turn most of the time Confused. If I take the CD in my hand and lift it just a tiny bit the spindle turns upon press of CD button. (The Ouverture is already opened up of course, motor voltage is -0.7 V when not spinning.)

Even if the CD starts it sometimes stop spinning but the display keeps reading "CD  track#" as if the CD is still playing.

Did anybody ever have that same effect and found a solution or at least an explanation? I know that others posed comparable questions but did not get answers. Crying

Thanks in advance


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