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Beoplay A6 - lowering the volume automatically

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Hunsimon posted on Wed, Sep 18 2019 12:34 PM

Anybody faced the same issue with A6?


After a certain time A6 starts lowering the volume to zero. Even if I reset the device 

the same issue appearing. Maybe it is an overheating issue? The sofware is up-to-date, usually I use

it with Spotify. 


Thx in advance


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Hiort replied on Wed, Sep 18 2019 6:20 PM
Sounds strange...

Never experienced on mine.





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It is an expected behavior that the Beoplay A6 reduces its output volume level when getting too hot inside the electronics or speaker drivers; there is an automatic temperature protection circuit built-in to protect the product.

The protection circuit depends on:
1. volume step / level, music type (bass levels) and time played at specific high volume level.
2. ambient temperature

The product will protect itself from getting too hot inside and will reduce the volume level automatically to reduce the temperature in the electronics  - if necessary, it will even shut down. Once the Beoplay A6 has cooled down, a mains reset must be done, and it is possible to play again.


if its doing often, i would send it in if its under warranty, I have seen some have Been change on defekt circuit sensor..


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Beofrank replied on Thu, Sep 19 2019 10:48 AM

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