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MX4000 TV shuts off after a few seconds

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amiralsega posted on Wed, Sep 18 2019 10:29 AM

Hello, I have a Bang & Olufsen MX4000 television. The TV turns on perfectly but after a few seconds the TV switches off. When I enter service mode, this message appears: Last error B6.Is there a manual with all error codes?

I hope you can help me. Thank you very much.


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Don't read too much into the error codes. They may have been useful when the sets were relatively new, but aging can cause error codes that are completely unrelated to the actual problem. The error code most likely won't help at all in telling you what to replace.

Searching the forum you will find many threads about repairing these sets (MX6000 / MX7000 is the same chassis) and it will almost always be either bad solders, bad capacitors, or both, if the set turns on at least briefly.

(and no, I don't think B6 is even mentioned in the service manual)


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