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Is a BeoCenter 1 in link room with Wireless 1 possible

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Stoobietoo posted on Tue, Sep 17 2019 9:33 PM

I currently have a Beocenter 1 in my living room running 2 pairs of Beolab 3's on Powerlink and Masterlink to Beolab 15/16s in my dining room, a Masterlinked a Beolab 3500 in the kitchen. I also have Beolab 12's on Wireless 1s  in my sun room and 2 Beolab 2000's with Wireless 1s that I take into the garden. I have 2 spare Wireless 1s.

I am a about to replace the Beocenter 1 with a Beosystem 3 and would like to use the Beocenter 1 upstairs in my bedroom. I'd want to use the speakers when I'm streaming music around the house. Would the Beocenter 1 run as a slave using another Wireless 1?

I don't want to send anything from the Beocenter 1 to the Masterlink but just use the awesome speakers for music from the Beosystem 3.



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