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Bc8000 glass panels plastic holders

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Marwal91 posted on Tue, Sep 17 2019 4:03 PM

Hi !

Like a lot of people here i'm restoring an old bc8000 and starting by cleaning and changing the double sided adhesive. I just see that the plastic holders are slightly different in thickness so i think the upper glass and the lower glass Don t use the same plastic holders but I can't find a precise pic that showing the correct way to place the different parts ... Do you have some tips about it ? Thanx a lot !

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Start where the screws are located at upper and lower left corner. 

Start with the plastic part which fits there. Then line up the rest of the plastic parts. Make sure that the parts at the back of the glass are properly lined up. 

The last pieces you place are the middle parts. So you can place them correct with same gap between the outer plastic parts. 

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