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Noise when connection Beolab 1 + 2 to Connection Hub

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jacobgorm posted on Mon, Sep 16 2019 1:35 PM

hi, sorry if this is a newbie question that has been asked before:

I've just purchased a pair of BL1s with a BL2 subwoofer for my office, with the goal of using with a ChromeCast Audio. At first I connected the CCA directly the the BL1s via Line In, leaving the BL2 unplugged. This worked perfectly but lacked a bit of bass, so I purchased a second hand Connection Hub and connected it to the BL2 with a 5-pin powerlink cable, and the BL2 to each speaker separately using 8-pin powerlink cables. This works, but I am getting pretty bad humming/static/idle noise when music is low or not playing, even if I unplug the CCA. Could the use of a 5-pin cable (rather than 8-pin) from the Hub to the BL2 be what is causing the noise? These are the cables I got with the various purchases, but I thought I'd ask for advice here before purchasing one more 8-pin cable to connect the Hub and the BL2.

Btw. the Hub itself makes a pretty annoying whining sound, probably coming from its cheap internal power supply, but I have chosen to try an live with that for now.

Thank you in advance,


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