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Beosystem 2 with a Panasonic Television Help

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MarkPla7z posted on Sat, Sep 14 2019 4:38 PM

Hello I trying to upgrade the dated BeoVision 4-42 connected to my BeoSystem 2 I want to swap the television for a newer Panasonic  TX-L55WT50B I am struggling to find a way to connect a HD dvd player to the TV whilst keeping most of the functionality of the BeoSystem 2 such as the audio I have read through the user manual and see an option to connect a high definition source and I know about the RS-232 Shorting Pin fix however upon going into the menu connections I do not see the same options and settings can anyone guide me through this upgrade please.

Many Thanks


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Can anyone help ?


Steve at Sounds Heavenly
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Hi MarkPla7z,

Welcome to Beoworld!  Unfortunately, I think the Beosystem 2 will be holding back the picture quality once you upgrade the TV and it won't be adding any value.  Hence, I would suggest removing the Beosystem and looking to connect the new TV directly to the Beolab speakers (or add an AV receiver if you want a full surround sound setup with HD picture quality).

Here are some options to consider for the setup:-

1) Connect two Beolab speakers to the headphone socket of the TV for stereo sound, with volume control from the TV remote, or

2) Connect the TV and all of the Beolab speakers to a B&O Connection Hub or Beosound music system (if you have one) for stereo sound through all speakers, or

3) Add an external AV receiver with pre-out sockets (expect to pay from around £500 GBP in the UK) to allow all of the speakers to be connected for full surround sound with control from the receiver remote control.

I can help with cables for any of the above options.  If you can please let me know your preferred option, I will be pleased to advise on the cabling required.

Kind regards, Steve.


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frog replied on Mon, Sep 16 2019 5:40 PM

There is a version of the Beosystem 2 that allowed for DVI bypass, where you connected the Source to both the Beosystem 2 and the TV. I recall I used it to allow me to use a Sky HD box with the BS2 - the audio to the BS2 and the video direct to the screen. Maybe yours is one of those?

i still have my BS2, but haven’t used it in years - going through Beosystem 3 and now 4. 

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