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B&O H9i Touch control issues

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arunashamal posted on Wed, Sep 11 2019 4:24 PM


I bought an H9i about 5 months ago. The 1st one I bought the touch controls didn't work out of the box.

Next day replaced it. Got a new one everything is working fine.

Now about after 5 months, the touch controls are finicky again. Play/pause work, other controls sometimes work. If I turn it of clean it off vigorously it sometimes work.

If I take off the battery and put it back on it sometimes work..

Right now I have to do one of above to get it to work every listening session.

I don't know what happened. It was working fine. It is a shame, because this sounds so, good. Whoever is in charge of designing the touch pad done a horrible job that is not worthy of a company like B&O.

Does anyone had the same problem?

How did you fix it?

Should I get it replaced?

Should I get it replaced with something like B&W and say goodbye to B&O. Because although it sounds out of this world, The touch pad is making me angrier everytime I pick it up.


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