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joeyboygolf posted on Sun, Mar 11 2012 9:55 AM

How do I remove foreign language threads from my Active Topics list.

I have nothing against the Dutch, German, French and/or Nordic language forums ( or the North American if I'm honest!) but I cannot understand any of them and they are poluting my list.Devil


Regards Graham

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Mr 10Percent
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...yes, would be nice to be able to flag the fora you wish to see on the main page so all others are hidden from view.



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Hmmm .... new discovery (for me) about the new forum ... you can not do a REPLY to the original post if some one else already has (I am having to use QUICK REPLY) ... and therefore it is tedious to create a quotation !!

None the less ...

I cannot understand any of them

well I use Google's Translation service to render them understandable 

I even have a built into the browser to do that auto-magically

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