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Are there active speakers that can compete with M75/M100 passives?

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Manbearpig posted on Sun, Aug 25 2019 1:30 PM

Dear members,

I am really surprised by how well my old Beovox M75 sound. Actually, it is my best sounding speaker - better than Pentas, Beolab 6000, 8000, 4000 (although those are great for what they are as well), 3, etc.

I haven't had the opportunity to compare to 9s, though. 50s and 90s are out of reach. 5s will also be overkill in my living room.

In short: is there anything in the range that comes close to the lod passive speakers in terms of sound quality without having to go all the way up 50s and 90s? What about 1s plus 2?



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