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Beogram 1202 distorted sound

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kisstomi posted on Thu, Aug 22 2019 6:46 PM


I just bought my first B&O turntable, and it has a distorted sound when playing a record.

The previous owner told me that it might have a pickup problem. As I know it uses an SP 14 cartridge, which is quite expensive even the used ones I found on eBay. Can anyone suggest what should I do? Is there any way I can send my stylus for a rebuild? Or I have to sell for this otherwise georgeus turntable for parts... I don't want to.


Thanks for your help, 

Have a Nice day

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The Hague, NL
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Daan replied on Wed, Sep 25 2019 9:12 AM

Is it a noticeable "hum"? If so - check if it's grounded. 

The DIN - RCA plug I bought was improperly grounded, and I had the exact same issue. A wire from the ground connection inside the BG to the amp fully fixed the problem Smile

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I rebuild all B&O styli and cartridges including the B&O sp14, feel free to contact me regarding rebuilding your SP14 I can also examine it for stylus wear under a microscope before any work is carried out to confirm the sp14 is at fault and not something else in your system.


Best regards Alistair

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