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Interferences on Beogram 3000 Type 5228

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imaginativman posted on Sun, Aug 18 2019 4:38 PM

Hi everyone, I already posted a topic on the French forum but had no reply, so I post it there.

I hope you'll understand what I say cause English is not my native language.

So, I bought a used Beogram 3000 Type 5228 (from 1974). I replaced the DIN plug and the belt.The automated arm and the motor are working perfectly, but the problem is that there are interferences when the listening begins. While playing we can hear the interferences in background but it gets very loud when I push again the "LIFT" button and that the arm lifts up. The strange thing is that noise continues even after the arm stoped, I've noticed too that if I gently knock on the arm, the record player still transmit sound. So it doesn't really stops.

Does somebody already had the same problem or know where it could come from ?

Thanks for the answers !

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When you replaced the Din plug,did you notice that there are two  cable screen connections,an inner and an outer one?.The inner one is connected to pin 2 of the plug,and the outer screen is connected to the metal body of the plug.

If the outer one is not connected to the body of the plug,you will get the noise you describe.



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the outer screen is connected to the metal body of the plug

Yes, I welded it to the body of the DIN plug, like the original.

In fact, I found the solution on this forum a few times after I posted my question.

The adapter I use doesn't transmit the ground from the body of the DIN plug to the ground of my amp. So the ground of the Beogram is not connected.

I've ordered a new adapter on , I hope it will solve my problem Big Smile

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