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Using 2 Beolab11 with BeoLab 3

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Surt posted on Sun, Aug 18 2019 12:51 PM

Is it possible to use 2 BeoLab 11’s with a Moment and BeoLab 3 setup.  Can this be done with standard wiring.  If possible would the benefits be worth the cost.  The use is for music not TV.  Thanks

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henrik replied on Sun, Aug 18 2019 8:29 PM


I agree. Also, I don't find the 11 and 3s being a very good match. I use my BL3s with one BL11, the 3s connected to the output of the 11 and the 11 to a Core, and to me it sounds like the lowpass filtering in the 11 removes a bit too much for the 3s – it sounds like there is a quieter gap between the lower and the mid bass. I guess thing would be better if a Beovision was used, but based on my experiences I would not recommend the BL3+11 combination for a system without manual control of crossover frequency etc.

...but that's just my personal opinion. others might have better experiences of this combination.

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I run 3s and 11 through a surround processor, slightly elevating bass on the 11. Very satisfied with that combination.


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x16szr replied on Mon, Aug 19 2019 5:06 PM
I am using a S8 and in my opinion an BL11 is a quiet good Subwoofer,

but at a little bit higher music volume levels it is at its end.

Because of his relativly small woofers of 10 or 11 cm.

I was very happy with it, but with S8 it is very very better... i think. Smile

Greets, Stefan

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