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Cabled sound just on one ear - Beoplay H9i

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Vikingjan posted on Sun, Aug 18 2019 10:49 AM

Hello all

I have a rather strange problem with my Beoplay H9i headphones.

I have splendid sound in 'stereo' using Bluetooth, but when I connect it to my player using cable I get sound just on the right ear. There is absolutely no reaction at all in the left speaker.

I have tried to clean the socket, carefully retract the jack and even opened the right side up to inspect the board. As far as I can see all seems ok to me. This has to be some issue on the board or in the socket connection? 

Anyone encountered this kind of issue?

Regards from Jan

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Jan, I have the 9i's and don't have that problem.

Maybe try the simple thing first.  Swap out the 3.5mm cable.  Sometimes the machining on cable termination prevents the jack from seating all the way.  You'll get a right or left channel signal only if that's the case.

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Thank you for a swift answer.

I have tried two other B&O cables and it does not change anything.

It cannot be pushed any further in and the seating seems ok and the socket is clean and from the inside I can see that the socket is not broken.

I suspect some electronic broken parts.

As the BT is working it has to be in the process from the decode from inlet to sound generation.

The player has been tested with another pair of H9i and the equipment and cable works OK.



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