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Trying to decide on a "new" setup.

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Svenni posted on Sun, Jul 28 2019 3:35 PM

I'm moving into a new apartment, been scouting 2nd hand sales for a while now, but feeling like there are too many options for me to consider, and I don't have a lot of 1st hand experience with these systems. I've tried to narrow my options based on price, and this is what I'm trying to choose between.


Beolab 8000 + Beolab 6000
800€ together


Beoplay S8 + Beolab 3500 (with Beo4)
550€ + 150€


I'm more critical on music listening rather than movies. I think I'm going to buy an LG TV and use an Apple TV as a source. I absolutely love the BL8000 design, a true design icon. They won't be used in a big room. I do own a Yamaha NS-SW100 sub that could be used with the BL8000 (both controlled with my miniDSP 2x4 HD) and use the BL6000 in my bedroom. Is there something else I should be searching for, or something that would greatly benefit either setups, like a BL 2/11/19 sub, or a Beosystem for surround sound?

Beoplay A2
Beoplay Earset
Beoplay H6 (Gen 2)
Beoplay S3 (pair)
Beoplay S8
Beovox CX50 (2 pairs)

Beovox RL 6000

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