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BeoCenter Strange CD Problem

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JanGM posted on Mon, Jul 22 2019 10:20 AM

Hello everyone,

i have a Beocenter 9500 that i compleately took apart and reassembled. Now the CD drive shows a strange problem. About 80% of the CD is played before it cannot continue. Big caps and the blue cap have been replaced with no change at all. I even rewireed the gray cables that fell apart (i lost my mind over it).

I bought a cheap and damaged Beocenter 9000 for some spares (glass panels). Strangely the CD drive shows the exact same behaviour. Blue cap changed, no change. It is an older drive. Components have not been swapped.

So i bought a third Beocenter, a slightly damaged 8500 that is now near perfect, but tape does not work.

I made a video to show...

1. Power on, laser cannot find focus / track
2. Power off and on, first track plays fine
3. Skip to the last track, with weird noises.

Has anyone stumbled over this problem ?

Thank You, Jan

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