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Connect Beovision speaker to non B&O-TV

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Fuwlz posted on Sun, Jul 21 2019 7:23 PM

A friend of mine has 4 Beolab 8000 speakers. But recently his Beovision TV broke, now he bought a Samsung TV but he wants to connect his speakers again. Is there any way possible with some kind of adapter for the B&O 8 pin connectors?


I found these, but the thing is, he has 5 speakers:


Please help!

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pjk561 replied on Sun, Jul 21 2019 9:21 PM

Please note that the Beolab Speakers need a controlled preamp output from his source (TV in this case). Not a set output. (Most audio jacks on TVs have set outputs, except for headphone jacks) That allows for volume control from the source. 

See the attached link


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David replied on Mon, Jul 22 2019 5:35 AM

Contact Steve at SoundsHeavenly. He will be able to provide a list of suitable options. If you want true surround sound though (like would have been in place with the old BV) then the best thing would be to add a A/V receiver that has surround sound pre-outs and connect the 8000's to these pre-outs.


Rob - Danish AV
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If he can afford it, an Almando 5.1 channel AV system, has Hdmi Arc to allow TV remote to adjust volume. Plus its super small so can be hidden away

I recommend these to clients and the ones that purchase, love them!


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