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Beogram 1902 - Transportations screws

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flydk posted on Sat, Jul 20 2019 3:34 PM

Hi All

My girlfriend bought a Beogram 1902 for me as a gift.

In my eager to play my old records I didn´t see the label in the box telling my to remove the transportation screws before use Crying

Are the srews the three I see when I remove the plate`? the manual seems to describe them as adjustment screws to alignment? If it is these three - then they are totally stuck.

Can that be due to my "early" use?

Hope for your kind help

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Dillen replied on Sat, Jul 20 2019 5:33 PM

They are fairly large headed - with chamfered edges if I remember correctly.
And you don't remove them - just losen them as far as they will go.
The suspension should then be moving freely when the platter is installed back.

Don't touch the deck height setting screws.


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flydk replied on Sat, Jul 20 2019 6:34 PM

Thank you for your reply and help. 

now I understand why it was so difficult to loosen the three alignment screws. So you happen to know where the screws then are located?

Kind regards  

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