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Beocentre 9000

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Azert posted on Fri, Jul 19 2019 2:46 PM

Hi. I’ve had my Beocentre 9000 and Beogram 9000 since new (1988!) but they’ve been in storage for years. I started the Beocentre and everything lights up fine, but the tapedeck and CD deck sliding doors are stuck. I can hear whirring but no sign of action. 

Ideally I’d like to find someone in the south of England to fix it for me. If not, I’m practical so would welcome advice or info on the likely problems and solutions.

And is there an online workshop manual?


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Suggested by YannChris


My guess is that the belts of the doors are broken.

They are easy to change.

Service manual is available on the site if you are a registered user.

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The drive belts have probably become deformed due to being in one position for years while in storage.

It's a common sense job to replace them,although the cd one is a bit fiddly.

There are loads of belts on offer that purport to be "direct replacements",but are usually the wrong size or of poor quality.

Member Dillen will probably be able to supply the correct belts,and the manual is available here if you upgrade your membership(good value!)This will help with dismantling.

Otherwise,I know of a B&O specialist in Southampton and another near Exeter,are either near to you?


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